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  • MR CAR Frame

  • MR CW Frame

  • MRL CAR Frame

  • MRL CW Frame

  • Safety Equipments

  • Buffer Spring  

  • Guide Clips

  • maintenance and junction boxes

  • Car & CW Frame shows

  • Car & CW Frame brackets

  • Thimble Rod 

  • Cabin 

  • Entrance

  • Doors

  • Landing Headers

  • Car


Diverting Pulley

Blow Air Fan

 Car & Counter Bracket

 Common Bracket

 Door Headers

 PU Buffer

Car Shoe

 Junction Box

Counter block

Manual Lock

Car Frame 1:1

Car Frame 2:1

Limit Switch

Maintenance Box

 Feature Touch Cop Lop

 Gold finish cop lop

Fish Plate

Guide Clip

Nylon Bearing

Guide Rails

Overload Device

Pit Switch

MS Cabinet With False Ceiling

SS Cabinet With False Ceiling

Safety Wedge

Screen Sensor

 Sensor Switch

Thimble Rod

Powder Coated Auto Center Opening Door

Powder Coated Telescopic Main Door

Powder Coated Auto Centered Framed Glass Door

Powder Coated Telescopic  Manual Framed Glass door

SS Auto Center Opening Framed Glass Door

SS Auto Telescopic Glass Framed Door

SS Cabin with Mirror Finish

SS Cabin with Mirror Finish 

SS Glass Cabin With Top Vision

Wooden Finish Cabin

Wooden Finish Auto Center Opening Door

Wooden Finish Auto Center Opening Framed Glass  Door

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